Let's introduce myself

I'm a fullstack software developer from the Netherlands and live in a small village named Bemmel, which is located between Nijmegen and Arnhem.


As mentioned before, I'm a software developer in my professional career and work for Proud Nerds. This is a digital agency which is mainly focused on websites. Here I develop together with my colleagues website for E.G. medical organizations, goverments and travel agencies. The source code will be written in .NET and where possible made with the latest stable technologies. As part of my job I also design some of the architectures for this. 

Hobbies and spare time

In my spare time I enjoy board and card game such as Ticket to ride, Pandemic and clever. But also like to be a bit of a nerd and automate my house. I've added logic in the house such as motion triggered lights remote thermostat control and voice commands. This is all done via Home Assistant.


Beside this I love to go to (punk and metal/hard rock) festivals and the occasional concerts. I used to own a camper so that I could go the festivals with the camper. At the moment I do not own a camper myself but are looking to buy a van so that I can build my own camper.